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Sample articles 

Our robust and growing collection of articles enables you to connect with clients and prospects around their top life challenges and events. These fact-filled articles can be shared through our one-click system on your website, on social media, or by email.


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What are the best financial strategies for singles?

New trends in singlehood, and five strategies for singles to prepare for their financial future.

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How should parents financially support adult children?

Six steps parents can take to financially support their adult children while safeguarding their own finances.

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How can couples talk more effectively about money?

Five steps for couples to talk more effectively about money and work together to achieve their financial goals.

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How can I talk to my heirs about their inheritance?

Six strategies to have effective conversations with your family and heirs about your inheritance and legacy wishes.

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Where can I volunteer in retirement?

How today's retirees are transforming volunteer roles and potential, and five ideas to optimize your volunteer activities.

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How long should I expect to live?

Trends in life expectancy, and how to think about and plan for a longer life.

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How can I teach my children about giving?

Five strategies to teach the importance of giving to children and future generations.

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How can I receive long-term care if I need it?

New options in long-term care, and strategies to consider to prepare for long-term care in later life.

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Should I consider working in retirement?

New ways you might want to work in retirement, and six strategies to prepare.

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