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Life Stage Insights

Life Stage Insights

What is your life stage?

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prepared for retirement.

At this point in my life, my financial priorities and focus include


caregiving help and support for an older family member

When considering my legacy and life priorities, it is very important to me to 

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Your Life Stages and Events

Your financial goals will change as you go through different stages in your life. Because life and money are inextricably linked, your financial priorities should adapt to each new life stage to serve your most important needs. We can help identify your financial goals, risks, and challenges, and create a plan to give you financial peace of mind as you move to and through your unique life stages and events.

My Story

Woman in Suit

While many financial strategies are the same whether you are single or married, there are certain areas singles should pay particular attention to.

We will create a plan to:

  • Have a strong safety net. While everyone needs a strong financial safety net, singles, who can’t count on another income to fall back on, should put a solid plan in place in case of emergencies.

  • Create a vision for what you want to do in retirement. While spouses can often talk about their retirement goals together, singles need to be more self-reliant in crafting their hopes and dreams for retirement activities, fun, and purpose in life.

  • Have a plan for your assets. If single, it’s likely most of your assets are in your own name, so it’s important your beneficiary information is current.

Healthy Couple
Marriage and Partnerships

Establishing good financial communication skills and teamwork can be an important part of a happy marriage or partnership.

We can help you to:

  • Develop better communication and understanding of each other's financial priorities

  • Create a plan that addresses both of your top financial goals, hopes, and worries

  • Ensure you are both financially secure if you are widowed

Children Playing Tug of War
Parent of young children

Children may be priceless, but they can also be expensive. Preparing early on can give you the head start you will need. We will help you get a strategy in place for the complex and challenging financial journey of parenthood.

We will create a plan to:

  • Establish a reliable budget and financial plan for raising your child

  • Put the right insurance and other protections in place, to give you peace of mind throughout each stage of parenthood

  • Get started on college planning, so you can worry less down the road

College Students on Break
Parent of college age children

Your children may have left the nest for college, but you still have an important role in helping guide them and prepare them for financial independence.

We will create a plan to:

  • Balance any financial help to your children with your own financial needs and security

  • Help your children establish their financial independence

  • Budget and prepare for new expenses, experiences, and financial freedoms as you empty nest

Man Smiling
Parent of adult children

Six in ten parents are giving their adult children a financial helping hand. However, it is important to have a plan in place that balances your desire to help your children with your own financial needs.

We will create a plan to:

  • Help you provide the right amount of support to your children

  • Ensure financial assistance to your children does not put your own retirement security at risk

  • Help your children achieve financial independence

Paying off student loans

Developing a sound financial plan that addresses education debt is critically important to long-term financial security.

We will help you to:

  • Identify your financial goals and situation, including cash flow, assets, interest rates on loans, loan balances, and job security

  • Evaluate options, including repayment programs, refinancing, or consolidation

  • Create a financial plan that balances your repayment of student loans with other financial priorities

Leasing a Home
Buying a new home

Buying a home may be the largest financial investment you will ever make. That’s why it’s so important to get financially ready to buy and take care of a home.

We will help you determine:

  • How much you should invest in buying your new home, accounting for your other important short and long-term financial goals

  • The best strategies and considerations regarding your mortgage options, insurance, and other important choices to protect your investment

  • A budget and plan to pay for and maintain your home while achieving other financial objectives in the coming years

Drawing on a Board

Entrepreneurship creates unique financial opportunities and uncertainties, requiring a well-constructed financial plan to prepare for both risks and potential upsides.

We will create a plan to:

  • Realistically project and prepare for business financial performance, planning for multiple scenarios

  • Ensure personal financial security and retirement plans are protected

  • Develop an exit strategy or succession plan

Career transition

Changing careers can be rewarding for many reasons, but career transitions don't always go smoothly. Planning for potential financial implications can make the transition easier.

We will create a plan that:

  • Accounts for any changes in benefits, including insurance coverage, bonuses, and future compensation
  • Considers changes in promotion opportunities and retirement plan contributions
  • Protects against any additional financial risks during the career transition.
Giving back

Today’s giving landscape is complex, but with a sound game plan you can find the best ways to give with the greatest impact and personal fulfillment.

We will create a plan to:

  • Explore your giving goals, including your top motivations, what you find most fulfilling when giving, and the values you are seeking to express

  • Prioritize among different giving options, while ensuring your own financial security

  • Achieve a lasting strategy that enables you to give to causes you care about and maximizes impact in the years ahead

Calculate Savings

It's never too early, or too late, to prepare for retirement.

We will create a plan to:

  • Help you envision the kind of retirement life you want

  • Anticipate and prepare for retirement expenses, including everything from new travel freedoms to health care expenses

  • Prepare for retirement while also meeting shorter-term financial goals and needs

Happy Couple

As you move through the different stages of retirement, we will help you navigate the challenges and opportunities at each step.

We will help you:

  • Envision what you want to experience and achieve during your retirement years

  • Manage your retirement income and ensure you don't outlive your money

  • Protect against unforeseen expenses, such as health or long term care costs

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram
Protecting against health care costs

Planning for health care expenses can be both confusing and overwhelming, but is critically important for financial security and peace of mind.

We will create a plan to:

  • Budget for health care costs and protect against unexpected health-related financial burdens

  • Navigate choices regarding Medicare and supplemental plans

  • Prepare for long-term care in later life, if needed

Holding Hands

As life expectancy increases, more of us are taking on caregiving responsibilities for aging parents and relatives. Caregiving can be both highly rewarding and challenging, and can have significant financial implications for families and caregivers.

We will create a plan to:

  • Understand how caregiving may impact your financial position and risks

  • Review care options and potential costs

  • Identify and engage caregiving resources in your community

Ray of Light
Legacy and inheritance

Inheritance is about a lot more than just money. Creating your legacy requires thoughtfulness and planning.

We will create a plan to:

  • Ensure all elements of your estate plan are addressed, including your will, living will, trust, and gifts

  • Estimate the value of your estate, and determine how to divide assets with heirs or charities

  • Ensure your values and wishes, not just your finances, are properly conveyed to future generations

Contact us to get started:

Co Workers
Life Stage Insights

Life Stage Insights


‪(415) 598-8566‬

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