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Investment Risk Tolerance Quiz

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You have xxx investment risk tolerance.

Your investment risk tolerance score is

What is risk tolerance?
Risk tolerance is a psychological factor in investing that measures how much variability in investment returns an investor can handle comfortably. It is a useful measure of how much risk an investor is willing to take in exchange for higher potential returns. An investor with low risk tolerance may seek safer investments, and may panic and sell at the wrong time during periods of high market volatility. An investor with high risk tolerance may weather market volatility more effectively, but can sometimes take on more financial risk than is appropriate for their financial situation.

How was this quiz created?
The Investment Risk Tolerance Quiz was developed in 1999 by two university personal finance professors, Dr. Ruth Lytton at Virginia Tech and Dr. John Grable at Kansas State University. The quiz was created to help assess financial risk tolerance. This methodology was first published in Financial Services Review (FSR) in 1999. A follow-up study in 2015 analyzed 160,279 investor responses and confirmed the reliability of the quiz.

What are next steps?
Working with a financial professional will help you better understand and assess your risk tolerance level in order to develop an investement strategy that reflects your risk tolerance level and goals.

This report is designed to provide general information and is for discussion purposes only. The effectiveness of any strategy is dependent upon each individual’s facts and circumstances. This report does not provide legal, tax or account advice. Because of the possibility of human or mechanical error, the accuracy, adequacy, completeness or availability of any information is not guaranteed.

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