Life Stage Insights Discovery Tool: How It Works

The Life Stage Insights Discovery Tool is a turnkey, easy-to-use solution to developing a deeper understanding of your clients and their needs. The process is completed in four simple steps.

Step 1

The advisor invites clients and prospects to engage with Life Stage Insights

Step 2

Clients and prospects complete the Life Stage Insights survey

Step 3

Life Stage Insights analyzes the results and creates two personalized reports

Step 4

The advisor and clients/prospect meet to discuss priorities and needs revealed by

Life Stage Insights

Invite clients and prospects to engage with Life Stage Insights

Step 1


In your Advisor Portal,

click on "Invite"

Invite a client to explore their life stage needs in preparation for your next meeting, or invite a prospect and make your discovery process more efficient, effective, and fun. 

For each client or prospect you want to invite, enter their name and email address, and indicate whether they are a client or prospect.

You can also choose if you want reports to be automatically sent to your client/prospect.




Your clients and prospects will then receive a personalized email invitation to explore their life stages with Life Stage Insights

Step 2

Clients and prospects complete the

Life Stage Insights survey


Your clients and prospects will choose which life stages

they want to explore in a brief questionnaire





Empty Nesting


The survey takes about 20 minutes to complete. The survey is designed to inspire clients and prospects to better envision and prepare for life and financial goals.

Responses are confidential and are shared only with you and your client.

You can see when your clients and prospects have completed their surveys.


In your Advisor Portal,

click on "View Invitees"

You can then view a table listing clients and prospects you invited and their current status.

Step 3

Life Stage Insights creates two personalized reports


The Life Stage Profile and Life Stage Road Map will be emailed to you. They will also be automatically emailed to your clients/prospects if you selected "auto-send" in

Step 1.

You can also download the reports from your

Invitee Status and Reports table.

The Life Stage Profile will reveal your clients and prospects' hopes, worries, priorities, and financial needs as they navigate through important life stages


As an additional value for your clients and prospects, the personalized 

Life Stage Road Map is filled with ideas to prepare for future events and life stages


Step 4

Meet to discuss priorities and needs revealed by Life Stage Insights

With new client insights summarized in the Life Stage Profile, you will be prepared to have a highly productive conversation.


About John

John's Life Stage Overview

John's Life Stages

  • Empty Nesting

  • Retirement

  • Grandparenthood

  • Caregiving

A one-page description of John and his family, and what is currently happening in their lives. Read before your meeting to get a better understanding of their priorities and goals.

A 1-2 page summary of important new life events and what John is seeking in your next meeting. Review to understand what is top-of-mind for your client.

For each life stage, a 1-2 page overview of John's priorities, worries, and preparation. Review to uncover unmet needs and opportunities.

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