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Frequently asked questions

General Questions

1. How secure and private are data and information provided by myself and my clients? We take the security, confidentiality, and privacy of our user data very seriously. Data in transit is secured by TLS (Transport Layer Security), the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This link ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and secure.  The confidentiality of your clients is very important to us. We will share your client information with you and no-one else. You can read more about how we keep your information confidential in our terms of service and privacy policy.

2. How do I address questions regarding compliance? Life Stage Insights is created for financial advisors and is designed to be compliance-friendly. Our content is focused on financial planning topics and does not provide investment, product, or tax advice. If you have compliance questions, please email us here

3. How do I update my account information or cancel my subscription? In your Advisor Portal, go to View my Profile to update your profile, including your email, name, company, and display name, and to cancel your subscription.

Discovery Tool

1. Which clients or prospects should I invite to Life Stage Insights? Life Stage Insights is ideal for:

  • Starting meaningful conversations with prospects you have connected with through your marketing campaigns, presentations, website visitors, or direct mail, phone, and other outreach.

  • Deepening your relationships, understanding, and trust with your most important clients

  • Preparing for annual or quarterly client meetings, to quickly uncover new financial needs and identify what is top-of-mind for your client.

  • Starting meaningful conversations with prospects you have connected with through your marketing campaigns, presentations, website visitors, or direct mail, phone, and other outreach.

  • Opening dialogue with clients you have not spoken to in a while, to improve retention and share-of-wallet.

  • Any other situation you want to improve your relationships with clients or prospects, increase trust, and provide a unique and valuable service.

2. Do I need permission to invite a client or prospect? We seek to protect clients and prospects from unsolicited advertising. To comply with our Terms of Service and federal regulations, you must have an existing relationship and/or permission to send to a client or prospect.

3. I am working with a couple. Should I send the Life Stage Insights invitation to both members of the couple? Life Stage Insights is designed to uncover priorities and worries of both spouses and partners. Not only will the spouses/partners likely find their differences interesting, but you may uncover additional needs and other important information. After both spouses/partners have completed their surveys, go to your Advisor Portal to create the Couple's Report, a convenient summary that highlights insights and differences of both members of the couple you are working with.

4. Can my client take the survey on a cell phone? Yes, we the survey is optimized for both PC and mobile devices.

5. How was the survey designed? The survey was created by Baxter Consulting Group, based on two decades of experience developing national client studies in collaboration with leading financial services companies. The survey is designed to uncover the most important and relevant topics in each life stage.

6. What kind of content do the reports include? Life Stage Insights helps clients think about their goals, worries, and financial needs during different life stages. The Life Stage Profile summarizes their current life stages and priorities to help you and your client understand unmet needs. The Road Map is a value-added report for your clients/prospects, providing ideas and guidance on how to navigate and prepare for different life stages. 

7. I want to review the reports first and then share them directly with my client myself, instead of having the reports automatically sent to the client. How do I do that? When you invite a client or prospect you can choose to "auto-send" each report to the client. If you select "auto-send," we will automatically send the report to the client after they complete the survey. If you turn off auto-send, only you will receive the report.

Content Marketing System

1. What kind of content is included? We provide articles and news that help your prospects understand and navigate the challenges of life stages and important life events. All content is created by and proprietary to Life Stage Insights, and is for the use of only member financial advisors.

2. We are looking to provide content for a website featuring a team of multiple advisors. How do I add articles that include only our company name and logo? When you create your account you are asked to provide a "display name" (e.g. John Q. Advisor, CFP®) which is included on articles you showcase. If you do not want to show the display name of an advisor on articles, you can select visit "View my Profile" in your portal and choose "Hide my display name on articles and reports." 

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