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Strategies to Build Client Relationships and Trust



The Financial Advice Industry is Transforming. Everything from the Digital Disruption to the rising importance of Gen X/Y is reshaping how financial advisors find, engage, and build relationships with clients. These articles explore strategies and topics that are most relevant to today's financial advice strategies and clients.


The future of financial advisor technology

Sci-fi finance is on its way, with the potential to transform the roles and potential of financial advice. This article explores coming innovations in big data, hyper-personalization, and high-touch tech that will empower advisors to do their jobs even better and faster, and offers recommendations for selecting the best technology.


Content marketing for financial advisors

Content marketing can be a highly effective strategy for financial advisors to connect with prospects, reduce acquisition costs, and deepen client relationships. This article explores how content marketing empowers each step of the client lifecycle and describes the 6 Ps of a successful content marketing campaign.


More boomers are not downsizing for retirement

A growing number of baby boomers are choosing not to downsize their homes during retirement, but instead will stay in their current home or even upsize.

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Millennial entrepreneurs lead in giving  

Millennial entrepreneurs are pioneering new ways to give more, and more effectively, than older generations of entrepreneurs.


Social Media Pressures Millennials to spend

A new survey shows social media can increase spending among millennials.

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Clients need Help to Navigate Social Security  

A new survey reveals Social Security misperceptions that can lead to suboptimal financial decisions.

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Six Questions Financial Advisors Should Ask Clients 

Two-thirds of clients say there is room for improvement in their advisor's discovery process.


How to motivate your clients to save for retirement 

A new study demonstrates that picturing life in retirement can boost savings goals by a third or more.

Teaching Charity to Children

Seven effective strategies for your clients to share the values of giving and philanthropy with the next generations of their family.

Six Steps to a successful retirement career

More and more clients are planning to work in retirement. Read about the new role of work in later life and how your clients can prepare for the retirement career they aspire to.

Money Talks: Discussion Strategies for Couples

Talking about money is never easy, but it is critically important for couples to get on the same page regarding their financial future. This article shares five practical steps for couples to have more productive conversations about their financial hopes, worries, and priorities.


Demography and Technology Transform Wealth Management

New technologies are changing the ways wealth management firms engage and retain clients.


Robo-Advisor: Friend or Foe?

The robo-advisors have arrived. Optimizing their role in financial advice will be the next challenge.


How advisers can connect with what's most important in their clients' lives

Life stage strategies can help financial advisers deepen client relationships and develop unique competitive advantages.

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