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Newsletter: Millennials and Money

James Kelley Agent/ Rep

Kelley Financial

Newsletter: Millennials and Money

A collection of articles looking at the unique financial challenges and opportunities among the Millennial Generation.

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3 Ways Millennials Are Getting Money Right

Millennials are killing it in some areas, thanks in part to the turbulent financial times in which they came of age.


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Millennials face daunting obstacles

Millennials are challenged to overcome their unprecedented financial obstacles to set a course toward financial security.

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Millennial entrepreneurs lead in giving

Millennial entrepreneurs are pioneering new ways to give more, and more effectively, than older generations of entrepreneurs.

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Social media may be endangering your retirement

Pervasive images of friends' experiences on social media can pressure millennials to overspend, potentially putting their long-term retirement preparation at risk.

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This Is What Millennials Can Actually Expect From Retirement, According to Experts

There will be new methods for earning money, new places to live, and new ways to be old in the world.


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Millennials might lag behind their parents when it comes to money, but there's something they do better: talk about it

Millennials are much more open about money than their parents are.

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Millennial Money: Don't let anxiety rule your finances

Millennials have stronger inclination to make financial plans but also a higher level of anxiety

Star Tribune

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A quarter of millennials say they've saved $100,000 - here's how they did it

Millennials, research has shown, have fewer responsibilities than their older counterparts


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