Client Discovery Tool

A powerful turnkey solution to prepare for client discovery meetings

What's Included
  • Automated invitations to prospects and clients

  • The proprietary Life Stage Insights Survey to help your clients explore their priorities and needs

  • The Life Stage Profile and Talking Points to reveal key insights for your next client discussion

  • The Life Stage Road Map to help guide your clients through life events and challenges

  • The Couple's Report to make your meetings with couples more productive than ever

  • The Investment Risk Tolerance Quiz to measure your clients' comfort with risk

  • Automated delivery of reports to you and your clients

  • The Advisor Portal, where you can organize and track each client and download reports

  • 24/7 support to help you optimize your use of Life Stage Insights

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know what is top-of-mind for your prospects and clients

The Life Stage Profile Discovery Tool is an easy-to-use system that enables you to efficiently understand your prospects and clients’ important life events, and to “go beyond the numbers” to uncover their hopes, worries, priorities, and financial needs.

No credit card required

why life stages?

New life stages trigger significant financial challenges and opportunities. Clients moving to and through major life stages and events need guidance, advice, and new financial solutions.





Empty Nesting


How Does it work?

Advisors log into their portal to invite clients and prospects or create invitation links from their website. Clients explore their life stages in a confidential 15-minute survey. Advisors and clients receive two actionable reports: the Life Stage Profile and the Life Stage Road Map. For deeper analysis, advisors also receive the Talking Points and Couples Report.

How was it created?

Life Stage Insights was created based on deep knowledge of client needs and life stages, including two decades of research and surveys among 100,000+ clients.

Measure your clients' comfort with Risk

Invite your clients to the Investment Risk Tolerance Quiz. We will analyze responses to assess their risk tolerance using the authoritative Grable and Lytton risk-tolerance scale.

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No credit card required

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