Where can I find fulfilling volunteer opportunities in retirement?

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Why might i consider volunteering in retirement?

Annual median volunteer hours by age

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2018

  • Many Americans choose to give back. One in four people volunteer, contributing almost 8 billion hours of service annually.1

  • The age 65+ population leads the nation in volunteering, contributing almost twice the number of hours as any other age group.2

  • With a lifetime of skills and experience and greater amounts of available time, retiree volunteers are able to have a significant impact on their communities and causes they care about.

  • Volunteering can not only make retirement more fulfilling, but it can also lead to new friendships, greater activity and stimulation, and even new career opportunities.

  • Volunteering can also make you healthier. Studies show that volunteering reduces the risk of depression and can help you live longer.3

What are examples of innovative volunteer opportunities?
Become a mentor

Leveraging vast experience, retirees often find fulfillment and can have a significant impact on the lives of others by mentoring other in their field of expertise, aspiring entrepreneurs, or by providing guidance to children and young adults.


Combining travel with volunteering can enable you to have a positive impact around the world while also engaging with diverse cultures and people.

Serve on the board of a nonprofit

Serving on a nonprofit board can be a perfect fit for those who are seeking to leverage their leadership skills and maximize impact.

Launch an "encore" career

Retirement can be an opportunity to start a new career that benefits a cause or gives back in ways that are important to you.

Volunteer online

Online opportunities are proliferating, empowering you to give your time to causes around the world.

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